To do so, open the sharing menu via the more option on each sitemap, or if you're in a particular sitemap, via the share button. First, choose to exclude User flows or exclude sitemaps if you only want to share one or the other.

Then choose how you want to share the sitemap.

  1. Option 1: Email people directly
    You can email the share link to anyone directly through Timblee. This instantly sends them a beautiful email with the share link. They won't even need to log in to view the sitemap. You can include an optional personal message as well.
  2. Option 2: Copy the share link manually
    If you prefer using your own email program, just copy the unique share link – then give it to anyone you want to have access. This gives them read-only access, with the ability to add comments if they identify themselves.
  3. Export it to a PDF file in A4, A3 or even A2 (only available for sitemaps)
    Need to share or view the sitemap offline? Or perhaps print it out for a meeting? Export it to one of three PDF sizes and optionally include comments as well.
  4. Export it as an image file (in a .png format) (only available for sitemaps)
    For the times you need to embed the sitemap into a proposal or other document, you can export it as an image. This will generate a zip file with multiple images (one for the main sitemap, one for footer pages and one for each section you have in your sitemap). 

Need additional sharing options? We'd love to hear from you. 🙂

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