Timblee helps you design better user experiences and share and validate a proposed structure and navigation for your app or site. It's simple interface allows you to build and change things fast – saving hours each month.

Timblee starts from only $9 per month for those with limited projects.
For unlimited projects and priority support, Timblee is only $19 per month for the first user, and $12 per month for each additional user.

You can delete users or cancel it any time. For this, you get unlimited sitemaps, premium features that we are working on, and no restrictions. 

Timblee is also 100% bootstrapped –  future development depends completely on your support and revenue we generate from subscriptions.

Our vision is to continuously make Timblee more useful for the UX design and planning process – helping you create even better experiences.

Here's a breakdown based on a number of users.

One user - $19
Two users - $31
Three users - $43
Four users - $55
Five users - $67

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