When creating your sitemaps using the Timblee editor, you drag and drop to build sitemaps using screen tiles, and click to build them in user flows. 

Each element you see on a screen tile has been carefully added to help make your sitemaps and user flows highly functional, and easy to understand when you share them with others.

  1. After you drag and drop a screen tile to the canvas, the elements you will see are broken down below (references to "page" below refers to screens).

2. When you hover on a screen tile, you will see two quick-action icons, as well as the options to add a sub screen and same level screen

3. When you click on the "more options" icon, you will see four actions you can perform

Screen tiles in User Flows

The screen tiles have more limited functionality in the user flow view while in beta. You can only link new sections and change the icons for screens via the sitemap view at this point. They also have a slightly different look in the user flow beta.

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