User flows in Timblee let you start planning a good UX with a focus on how the users on your app or site will achieve the key goals– whether that's a sale or a trial sign up.

We've outlined the steps in using Timblee's user flows below.

Building a user flow

To create a user flow, just start a new project, or open an existing one from your home screen, then click on the User Flow (beta) tab at the top.

To start building your user flow, choose one of three types of 'cards':

  1. A screen (you can add existing ones from your sitemap, or add new ones)
  2. an action (like "User clicks on email link"), 
  3. or a decision point (like "Choose a payment option")

These are explained in more detail here.

Click on one of the above to get started. You then continue to build your user flow and identify your users' journey to that sale, sign up, or whatever your goal is. 

Within a project, you can create an unlimited amount of user flows. For each new journey or path you're trying to map, we recommend creating a new user flow within the project. 

To create multiple user flows within a project

Click on the + tab on the top right of your screen when you have the project open.

For example, the user flows for an ecommerce site could contain:

  1. Path to purchase for a website visitor that is looking for a specific item
  2. Paths to purchase for website visitors that are looking for bags
  3. Customers trying to track their order
  4. Changing the mailing address
  5. Customers trying to return a product
  6. Pre-order process
  7. Login with Facebook to create a profile

The link between user flows and sitemaps
As soon as you add a new screen into your user flow, it automatically shows up in this project's sitemap as an Orphan screen. An orphan screen is just a screen that is waiting to be given a place in the structure of your site or app. To see and add orphan screens, just switch to the sitemap view within that project. 

Linking screens means that you're using the same screen throughout your sitemap and across multiple user flows. Any comments, or name changes made to that, automatically flow through everywhere.

Read more about linked screens here.

Questions? Ask us anything via the chat button at the bottom right of the screen.

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